Eat Drink Relax Kalamazoo | A Restaurant Group for Food Aficionados

Eat Drink Relax Kalamazoo | A Restaurant Group for Food Aficionados

Eat, drink, and relax – it doesn’t get much better than this, especially when it comes to the Restaurant Group behind Kalamazoo. With a collection of restaurants that reflect the city’s vibrant culinary heritage, Eat Drink Relax Kalamazoo is the definition of a dining experience to die for. In this article, we shed light on the restaurant group’s history, the unique culinary offerings, and what makes eating at one of their establishments not just a meal, but a delectable adventure.

The Root of Eat Drink Relax

Eat, Drink, Relax Kalamazoo is the brainchild of John Lindenmuth and Bob Zaremba; two passionate individuals who have spent half a century creating culinary journeys for patrons across mid-Michigan. Lindemuth and Zaremba partnered with renowned Chefs Scott Ellis and Ricky Webster, to blend their expertise in creating unforgettable dining experiences that reflect the spirit of Kzoo.

Together, the team has transformed over 100-plus years of culinary knowhow into a thriving restaurant and hospitality group that serves 10,000 customers with a wide range of unique settings and menus.

A Culinary Dream Team

Each offering in the Eat Drink Relax Kalamazoo family boasts a unique and talented culinary team consisting of expert chefs and trained staff members. This passion reflects in every dish, whether it consists of farm-fresh food, locally sourced ingredients, or internationally inspired flavors.

At Roam Kitchen + Bar, innovative dishes and artisanal takes on American classics satisfy the hunger of even picky eaters. On tap, you’ll find craft spirits, Michigan beers on draft, and an impressive 120-plus fine wine selection.

A modern take on a traditional seafood joint, Salt of The Earth offers an array of ocean delight, such as oysters (raw or grilled depending on your preference), scampi, and seafood linguine. A selection of the finest bourbons and barrel-aged cocktails serve as the perfect complement to a mouthful of the ocean.

Hops at 84 celebrates the local craft beer wave with an extensive draft bar and a diverse menu featuring brewery-inspired eats. For those seeking cocktails with a twist, look towards the expertly crafted Sangria, Margarita Mules, and the Hops Sunset – a perfect cap to a relaxing evening.

From the sophisticated elegance offered at W.A Ferrier, to the contemporary French cuisine of The Fountains, and the farm-to-glass cocktails at Vergennes, each establishment appeals to different tastes, desires and occasions.

A Taste of Community Living

Eat drink Relax Kalamazoo makes a point to be active at the heart of the community. Through seasonal events, partnerships and events, the group aims to contribute culturally, socially, financially, and environmentally. Community members are invited to engage over food, drink, and lively conversation at the establishments, fostering a sense of togetherness and belonging.

An Experience Worth Savoring

In these times, a dining experience revolves around more than just a plate set before you. It is this understanding that has driven the team, led by Lindemuth and Zaremba, to evolve the restaurant group, pushing the boundaries of creativity, flavour, and atmosphere.

So it’s time to sit back and relax, because with Eat drink Relax Kalamazoo Restaurant Group, every dining table is a passport to an all-inclusive culinary discovery.

A Dining Journey Awaits

Don’t let the moment you’ve been waiting for slip
away. Book your first table with Eat drinks Relax Kalamazoo’s website, and journey through the world of flavours found right here in Kalamazoo. With each dish cooked to perfection, each glass refilled, and each table draped in the warmth of friendly vibes, you’re certainly in for a culinary adventure to remember.

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